Big Bad Overlord


Big Bad Overlord has been successfully funded on Kickstarter and is in production! The game will be available by September 2019. We'll be taking pre-orders soon. You can sign up for updates here to learn when and how!

Evil minions galore! Gather your armies!

Big Bad Overlord is a card and dice game for 3-6 players in which you take on the role of a mighty Lord of Darkness, fighting with other sinister beings for control of the world. Players gather evil minions, hunt for great artifacts of power, and fend off the occasional do-gooder bent on "saving the world." Capture your enemies' minions with Mind Control, shatter their troops with mighty blasts of Magic, or just hack and slash your way to the top!

The Story So Far...

A group of mighty Dukes carved the world between themselves after shoving the last Overlord into a convenient volcano. None of the Dukes was strong enough to overthrow the others; consequently they all coexisted in an uneasy, snarling state of truce. (There was a lot of snarling.)

Then the oracles announced that two of the Overlord’s mightiest weapons had returned to the world. With the might of the Doomsword and the Mageskull, one of the Dukes might be able to finally overpower the others. And so they all began gathering their minions in preparation for a world-shattering war, an apocalyptic struggle to finally emerge supreme as the new BIG BAD OVERLORD.

Read about what's included with the game and how to play. Check out our rulebook FAQ. See what reviewers have been saying about Big Bad Overlord. Take our personality quiz to determine which Big Bad Overlord you most closely resemble. And you can even check out the Book of Mo Darkness for background on the Dukes, their evil minions, the Do-Gooders, and even the Overlord himself!

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