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Wicked Witch

Wicked Witch

Orianna Rosterfinch Weeblepuck the Third was born a minor countess in an obscenely wealthy family. She tired quickly of the standard education given proper young ladies at the time – needlepoint, flamingo wrangling, and diamond-crusted ukulele lessons – and snuck into the guard barracks to secretly train with the castle wizard. The wizard was a battle sorcerer who knew only a handful of spells, half of which disintegrated people and the other half of which were designed to provide flashy light and smoke accompaniment to the disintegration spells. The wizard was happy to train the young countess, as his apprentice had been accidentally eaten by the moat-monster some weeks previously.

Orianna quickly mastered this rudimentary bag of tricks and began sneaking out of the castle at night to use them to rob passersby for the thrill of it. Unfortunately, the wizard’s trademark battle spells were easily recognizable to local constables and Orianna’s father had the wizard put to death for his alleged crime spree. Annoyed at the setback, the young witch changed her name to Elsie Snakemusher and set out to make her fortune as a witch for hire.

"Elsie" remains very skilled at zapping things; however she never really mastered other magical skills – they’re ‘boring’ - and is a mediocre potion-crafter at best. Her lifelong ambition is to find or create a winged monkey, but they tend to disintegrate before she’s done with the spells.

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