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Mighty Sorcerer

Mighty Sorcerer

Elwood Prunespackle is the mightiest evil mage in the land, second in power only to the Dukes themselves. His knowledge of arcane rituals is second to none and he is adept at conjuring fiendishly complex and destructive spells. Elwood can craft hurricanes filled with knives, transform mountainsides into deathtrap slides, melt the blackened steel armor right off a soldier from hundreds of yards away, and fill the air with so many locusts that if you swung a bucket through the air once, you'd fill it twice. Truly, Elwood is a magical terror.

Why, then, have the Dukes suffered him to live? Normally, anyone as threatening as the Sorcerer would meet with a convenient crocodile-related accident in the bathtub or perhaps have a piano dropped on his head. But the Dukes find Elwood easy to control, because the Mighty Sorcerer is an incurable hypochondriac. His bathroom is filled with ginseng, Vitamin C, and various cure-all extracts, all of which taste like mashed bee paste (except for the mashed bee paste, which oddly enough tastes like feet). Elwood is constantly convinced that he is perpetually on the brink of succumbing to a terrible disease or two. If the Sorcerer ever gets uppity, all that a Duke need do is say something along the lines of "What's that weird spot on your face?” or “Have you heard about the latest round of Hamster Flu going around?" to send the Mighty Sorcerer scurrying for his medicine cabinet with squeals of dismay.

The Sorcerer also believes – incorrectly - that he is allergic to dairy, green vegetables, fog, and shoes. The only thing he's really allergic to is llamas, but as he's never met one, he doesn't know this.

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