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Serial Killer Bees

Serial Killer Bees

Living in the shadow of dark powers can have unpredictable effects on the land and everything in it, down to the flowers, the birds, and the bees.

Especially the bees. Nobody knows exactly why, but one day a hive somewhere bordering the wastelands in Duke Grundar's lands took a good hard look at the bleak ecosystem, twisted ruins, and desolate sky and said “To HELL with making honey!” They instead scavenged a little tiny hammer and anvil and began forging little tiny cutlasses, axes, and throwing stars. Since then this viciously enterprising hive has systematically robbed and pillaged travelers through the wastelands. They claim a sort of Robin Hood ethos, robbing from the rich etc., but come on, have you ever seen a bee languishing in poverty? Really these guys just like killing people. A lot. And they're pretty good at it too.

Serial Killer Bees occasionally venture farther from their hive in search of new opportunities for carnage. But let me tell you, they don't worry about the hive's safety in their absence. Bears don't come visiting their hive twice.

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