Big Bad Overlord Guide


Purvis T. Frogg was abandoned in a swamp as a baby and raised by Killer Wolf Frogs. It’s not clear why the Wolf Frogs didn’t just eat him, as they normally devour everything (and babies are especially squishy and delicious). Perhaps Purvis survived because he is a delightful mimic who knows a wide range of amphibian love songs, among other sounds. Perhaps it’s because his aroma is quite similar to that of swamp gas. All anyone knows for certain is that, years later, a sergeant in the Troops of Terror was luring in a fresh herd of Wolf Frogs (using centipede guacamole, a common and inexpensive condiment, as bait) and Purvis came along with them.

The sergeant wasn’t sure whether to count Purvis as a Killer Wolf Frog, but was one Frog short of his quota, so decided that the strange-smelling swamp man would do to fill out the ranks. However brighter officers soon realized that Purvis could walk upright and carry things for more important people, which was everybody, so he was reassigned as a servant.

To this day Purvis’ favorite food is bugs served in a steaming bowl of mud, and when not called upon to pour people drinks, he is often called upon to provide musical entertainment for crowds of undiscerning drunk people with questionable taste.

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