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Dastardly Demon

Dastardly Demon

This denizen of the infernal realms was summoned by an extraordinarily powerful and lazy wizard who didn’t feel like traipsing up and down the hundreds of steps between the top of his wizardly tower and the kitchen. The wizard impatiently and rather imprudently told the demon to fetch a packet of biscuits from the pantry, the coconut kind with the chocolate drizzle. Most unfortunately the wizard neglected to set a time limit on this command, or to restrict the demon’s actions in any other way, except to note that once the biscuits were fetched, the demon would be returned to its own hellish dimension. The demon promptly flew out the window and spent the next five hundred years doing everything but fetching biscuits.

If anyone ever manages to trick the demon into fetching a packet of Coconut Caramel deLites, it will be banished from the mortal plane. Until that time, the demon is doing exactly what it pleases, which is mostly non-biscuit related mayhem.

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