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Eerie Elemental (Earth)

Elemental (Earth)

The Eerie Earth Elemental is what happens when you leave an unsupervised jar of Chanel's Eldritch CursePotion #5 in a pottery studio on Take Your Daughter to Work Day. Karkus Bubbsin, a 2nd class potter in charge of making “Bowls, Gruel, semi-disposable” for the Menacing Horde, left his six year old daughter Rayna alone in the studio for “just a second” while he ducked into the hallway to settle some unfinished business with a loan shark. Apparently the loan shark didn't like Karkus' excuses for not paying on time, because he started roughing the potter up a bit. But only a bit, because then a nine-foot-tall clay humanoid crashed through the door and defenestrated the loan shark with a hearty chuckle.

Rayna's creation saved her father, but proved problematic afterwards as it would only listen to her. The golem, which she named ‘Chunk', retained the mindset of a six-year old and was fond of picking people up and dunking them in barrels of rainwater or wine, like biscuits in a cup of tea. Rayna and Chunk thought this was hysterically funny. Karkus, however, got tired of being a human biscuit and signed his daughter up for the army at the earliest possible age (7). Rayna quickly rose through the ranks and ended up with an officer's commission in the most fiendish department of all (accounting). She freely loans Chunk's services out to anyone who asks. Chunk still has a regrettable tendency to dunk people in any handy container of liquid.

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