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Killer Wolf Frogs

Killer Wolf Frogs

Killer Wolf Frogs were created by a reclusive third-rate wizard named Meacham Greystool, a man known primarily for inaccurate nose curses, a pallid digestive condition, and a curious affinity for swamps. He kept a small tower in the Three-Kill Marshes, where he dreamed of a legion of dangerous crocodilian monsters forever defending his lair with an impenetrable wall of teeth and webbed claws. Unfortunately there were no convenient crocodiles nearby for Meacham to magically mutate. Meacham had in fact inadvertently poisoned most of the larger fauna in the surrounding swamp during an ill-advised attempt to create an immortal meat pie, leaving only a small and stubborn species of blue log-frog to work with. Further, Meacham’s sorcerous research was hampered by the need to magically add a new top floor to his tower on a daily basis, since the tower sank into the muck about ten feet per day. Consequently the wizard didn’t put much planning or thought into the spells used to transform the lesser blue log-frog into the monsters he so desperately needed.

Killer Wolf Frogs are reasonably good guardians. They are however distressingly lacking in initiative and ferocity. Left to their own devices, they tend mostly to mill about making odd chuffing and growling noises whose meaning no one has bothered to figure out. The beasts do, however, like to eat, and consider anything that fits into their considerable maws as edible (enemy soldiers, rocks, helmets, other Killer Wolf Frogs, etc.). When pointed in the right direction and told “lunch!” a pack of Killer Wolf-Frogs can be formidable indeed.

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