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Grim Leapers

Grim Leapers

The fame of the Overlord’s dark empire has spread around the world, mate. Even to the farthest reaches, kingdoms so remote that nothing interesting ever happens. In distant lands that have never felt the ominous touch of the Overlord’s shadow, or felt the tread of his Legions’ hobnailed boots, there are those who say, “Booooring! Peace and prosperity blows.” From these lands, sometimes bands of travelers set forth in search of treasure, glory, and places where nobody’s heard about that embarrassing story with the noodles and the lederhosen and the French parakeet. (Trust me, it’s a good one. You’d travel halfway around the world too if you were involved in that debacle.)

The Grim Leapers are warriors from a land down under the other side of the world. They like good food, good drink, and a good fight, and they don’t give a wet slap about anything else. To hear the Leapers tell it, they’re the most feared mercenaries in their own country. The truth is that they’re no slouches with a blade, but in their country everyone is good with a blade, even the school kids and the farm animals.

The Leapers are happy to swing their scythes in the service of whoever’s paying, even one of the Dukes, so long as there’s a good keg somewhere to hand and maybe a barbecue afterwards.

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