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Wicked Wizard

Wicked Wizard

Frank Stovebottom was a craftsman renowned for his delicate, enchanted porcelain eggs. The bejeweled orbs were each imbued with a unique ability: some trilled with the clear songs of birds; some gave forth pleasing and exotic perfumes; some would fill the room with dappled, extraordinary light. He made many of them, and Stovebottom eggs were proudly displayed in salons throughout the land. But one day, after a particularly vicious incursion by Eekrah the Nasty which leveled the great seaport of Prew – destroying all the people, salons, and Stovebottom eggs in the citadel – Frank was astonished to realize that the price for his magical eggs in nearby markets had skyrocketed. The scarcer his magical eggs, the greater the price they commanded. Frank subsequently embarked on a mission to destroy the remaining eggs throughout the land, so as to drive prices even higher. His ultimate goal was to destroy them all, and then produce seven last eggs - one for each Duke and the Overlord - which he would then sell at truly eye-watering, exorbitant prices so he could retire in luxury.

Frank had made thousands of bejeweled porcelain eggs, however, and they are scattered across the realms. He has spent years trying to find them all, lending his services to any army that could pay and smashing things wantonly with reckless thaumaturgic might. There are so many magic eggs that it’s not clear if Frank will ever destroy them all and complete his goal, but that’s all right, because he’s spent so long blowing things up that Frank’s probably forgotten how to make the silly things anyway.

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