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Friendly Friars

Friendly Friars

The Dukes and their minions aren’t subtle. They’re evil and they’re proud of it. But no matter how direct they are in their deeds of darkness, how hard they work to cultivate a pervasive atmosphere of despair, there are always those who are convinced that the Dukes can’t be all bad and who work overtime to see the bright side of life.

The Friendly Friars are a group of such optimists. They’re firmly of the opinion that the Riff-Raff just needs to sober up, the Troops of Terror are misunderstood and need a good shoulder to cry on, and the Horrible Monsters are only “grouchy” because they’re suffering from dietary problems or perhaps fleas, and would certainly respond well to kindness and a balanced nutritional plan of monster-appropriate treats.

Despite their laughably convoluted and manifestly delusional logic (it can’t be easy to see the good side of a Legion of Doom) the Friars are astonishingly convincing public speakers. Using a combination of the Socratic method, beatific lying, and dog-whistle politics, they’re dismayingly competent at swaying crowds to their point of view, at least so long as the Friars continue speaking. And if all else fails, they’re not above flinging a holy lightning bolt or two to bring some reluctant nonbelievers around.

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