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Knights of Darkness

Knights of Darkness

A strong sense of superiority is characteristic of virtually all great Lords of Darkness. It is also characteristic of many others whose power pales in significance next to these Lords. The Knights of Darkness fall into the latter category. Goths one and all, they are entitled, egotistical snots with a fine array of shadowy weaponry and armor, a touch of sorcery, and a world-class sense of self-importance. They refuse to bow to anyone, or indeed get off their dark unholy steeds - even to sleep - which makes them terrible houseguests, not that anyone would invite them over in the first place.

The Knights operate in small bands, using Lances of Despair and Swords of Despair and Knives of Despair – they pretty much just went to the Store of Despair (Sears) and bought out the hardware and weaponry departments. Knights can sometimes bend weaker minds to their own will, though generally they are too busy striking gloomy and impressive poses on their mounts to bother. Knights of Darkness have a terrible track record against foes such as the Cavalry of Caring, but thanks to their enormous egos and poor memories, the Knights remain firmly convinced of their superiority.

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