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Frolicking Forest Force

Frolicking Forest Force

The Dukes and their minions are not exactly what you’d call “environmentally conscious.” They tend to hack, slash and burn forests even when there’s no military objective involved; it’s just recreational. Not surprisingly, the denizens of the wild don’t take kindly to the hobnailed boots of evil soldiers stomping heedlessly through all the sylvan glades and dells and natural vistas, burning everything in sight, and shooting anything that moves.

The problem is that for the most part the monsters are much better organized than the creatures of the forest. The chipmunks and bears and birds don’t have hideous supernatural terrors urging them on to wanton destruction. Plus, the attention span of most natural creatures is somewhere around thirty seconds. They certainly don’t like the nasty wicked invaders, but the minute the forces of darkness have marched on, it’s back to hunting for nuts and berries.

Every once in a while, however, Mother Nature manages to channel enough collective indignation into a group of forest denizens so that they gather in a ragtag pack/flock/herd/gaggle and sally forth to bring the battle to the wicked Dukes for a change. Led by a grizzly that is smarter than the average bear, this band of furred and feathered avengers ventures forth from the sheltering trees in quest of furry justice. Side note: they are all delicious.

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