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Good Witch of the North

Good Witch of
the North

Hester “Gumdrop” Albinensis is a very busy woman, doncha know, and oh! My goodness. What a job and a half she has. She’s pretty much the only major sorcerer not killed or co-opted by the Overlord, which means she has an awful lot to do! As the land’s only resident good witch, Gumdrop gets hit with a ceaseless torrent of pleas for help from the brutalized population. She no sooner lifts a terrible curse from one village than she’s flitting halfway across the mountains to take care of a meddlesome troll, after which she might just barely make it back in time for her presentation to the Women’s League of Voters at the library. It’s more than a good witch can deal with, people! She’s not a fairy godmother or anything!

Gumdrop is a perpetual thorn in the Dukes’ side and each of them would love nothing more than to feed her to something hungry from another dimension with lots of teeth and scary tentacles. But Gumdrop is actually a tremendously powerful spellcaster. She puts even the Mighty Sorcerer to shame, and he’s got the word “Mighty” right in his title. The most powerful of monsters and minions tend to end up disintegrated into clouds of sparkling pixie-dust when the Good Witch actually takes aim and lets fly with a spell of distressingly potent justice.

The reason she hasn’t succeeded in freeing the land from its evil masters is mostly because of the sheer volume of injustices to deal with – all of which she gives equal weight to. (The Witch is just as likely to spend time helping get a little boy get his lunch money back from a bully as she is to banish an evil demon to the eternal hellscape from whence it came.) Moreover, Gumdrop isn’t all that organized, truth be told, and is a bit of a scatterbrain. She can’t seem to focus on a strategy long enough to make a serious dent in any of the Duke’s domains. When she does show up to the battlefield, however, watch out. Someone’s getting pixie-dusted, and not in a good way.

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