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Militia of Merit

Militia of

Being a soldier is tough work. Being a good guy and a soldier is even tougher. The Militia of Merit knows how important work-life balance is and makes sure that its troops are provided with nutritious food, plenty of exercise and sunshine, and sufficient free time to allow for important family bonding and mental recharging. They also offer yoga classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and there’s a smoothie machine in the break room.

Admittance to the Militia is based on a merit-based system, which consists of a series of exams designed to test martial, diplomatic, literary, and mathematical skills. In point of fact however a lot of people use a test-preparation service to prepare for the exams, which has led to accusations that performance on the exams reflects socioeconomic status rather than actual merit. The Militia has acknowledged these accusations and is in the midst of holding a series of public symposia to discuss the issue and determine how best to ensure a holistic examination process that remains selective but admits a diverse, pluralistic, well-balanced group of applicants.

The Dukes think that the Militia of Merit is a fantastic mechanism for gathering upper middle class nitwits in one place for easy eradication, and secretly run many of the less scrupulous test-prep companies, which are quite profitable.

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