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Legion of Doom

Legion of

The Legion is widely feared, because they invest in large, scary banners visible from across a crowded battlefield and because they have a good PR man (Aaron, down in marketing: ask for him by name!). Legionnaires are men and women from a wide range of backgrounds. Many aren’t human. Some aren’t even humanoid. They all share a few key attributes however: they are excellent fighters, the sort that can clear a tavern out with the right hand without spilling a tankard of ale in the left; they are armed and armored to the teeth, including some who have teeth that are legally registered as weapons; and they hate musical theater, even the good shows like Hamilton.

Legionnaires’ histories begin the day they join the Legion: past crimes or histories are deemed irrelevant, and the Legion will fight to the death to protect any of its own. It’s been said that even a few former Do-Gooders have ended up in the ranks of the Legion, but these rumors are difficult to confirm. Because, you know, the Legion kills anyone who asks.

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