Big Bad Overlord Guide


During the Age of the Overlord, many of the most powerful warriors in the land raised their hands against the titanic figure of terror, brandishing legendary weapons positively dripping with eldritch powers. Mighty though these warriors and weapons were, however, of course they were no match for the Overlord. As a result the Overlord ended up with a tremendous collection of legendary weapons, all collected from warriors' still-warm corpses after he pounded them into paste.

Many of these weapons were storied indeed: the Demon Blade of Ral-Asrun, forged from the eyes of a somewhat careless underworld denizen; the Sun-Blade of Pah, which guaranteed that everyone would see you coming a mile away; Oppenjellinon, the royal sword of the Kwars whose hilt was filled with the seething angry tears of 994 wronged widows, 6 mistresses who felt they deserved better, and 1 emotional barista who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. They were all mighty weapons, yet none seemed quite right for the Overlord. Each was either too small, or too impractical, or maybe the crimson flames flickering on the blade clashed ever so slightly with the sullen red glow of the Overlord's eyes. The Overlord’s preferred weapon - a ten-foot mallet of dark, pitted meteor iron - generally got the job done, but just didn't have panache. The Overlord was frustrated. And when the Overlord got frustrated, people died by the acre.

Finally, the dark despot forged a new weapon for himself by melting thirteen of the best weapons from his collection together in a cask of liquid night terrors, beating the molten sorcerous potpourri into shape with his meteor mallet, spells of making that caused the very fundaments of the earth to shudder, and adding just a pinch of chili powder. What arose from the remains of the thirteen chosen blades and the shattered remnants of the mallet was the Doomsword, the mightiest blade that ever was.

The best defense against the Doomsword is five miles of distance between you and the Doomsword. Ten is better if you can manage it. You know what, just keep going, I'll tell you when to stop.

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