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Iron Crown of Souls

Iron Crown
of Souls

Also known as the Crown of Control, this was the third and final Artifact created by the Overlord before his demise at the hands of his ungrateful Dukes. The Crown was imbued with all sorts of mind-bending enchantments and stuffed with the souls of angry drill sergeants, football coaches, and tax collectors, such that few could refuse a direct order from the Overlord while he was wearing it. Of course, that was the case before he created the Crown, so it’s kind of hard to establish a baseline for just how powerful the Crown was. But it looked very scary when the Overlord put it on, with lots of points and traceries of sullen glowing infernal light and dark gems pickpocketed from shadowy beings and so forth.

Like the Mageskull and the Doomsword, the Crown went into the volcano of Mount Krullmore along with the Overlord. Since the other two sorcerous Artifacts survived the lava-dunking and eventually reappeared in the land, it’s reasonable to expect that the Crown would do likewise. However, it has not been seen since the Overlord’s demise.

Rumors that the ungrammatical Gurth the Odious suddenly had a “sharp feeling in butt” when he sat on his throne one day, or that the unlucky servants tasked with figuring out why found a crushed circlet of sorcerous iron leaking potent magical energies into the floor, are entirely unfounded and Gurth will personally sit on anyone who says otherwise.

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