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Menacing Horde

Menacing Horde

Sometimes you need a cohort of trained, well-armed warriors or carefully bred sorcerous monsters to get the job done. Sometimes, you just need a bunch of guys with spears and switchblades who can yell really loud. The Horde is full of such guys.

The Horde disdains military discipline or elitist sorts of organizational principles such as “rank”. Consequently nobody is ever in charge and the Horde always has to be ordered about by an officer from a scarier unit, usually the Troops of Terror or sometimes a Knight of Darkness who lost a bet. The truth is however that it doesn’t matter who’s in charge, because once the Horde is given an initial command (“attack!”) further orders are pointless because the Horde believes that anything worth doing must be done at top volume. They run screaming and yelling, flailing their weapons with gusto, often with their eyes closed.

Unlike the despised Riff-Raff, the Menacing Horde is usually more or less sober and almost everyone has some sort of actual weapon and at least one piece of armor (not to mention the matching T-shirts, each of which says “I’m With Stupid” and points in a random direction). Like the despised Riff-Raff, the Menacing Horde is a favorite foe of monsters everywhere, since the Horde aren’t that tough but they are crunchy and good with ketchup.

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