How to Play Big Bad Overlord

Playing Big Bad Overlord With Fewer Than Four People

Although designed for a minimum of 4 players, it's possible to play a variation of Big Bad Overlord with only 2 or 3.

  • First, read the regular rules!
  • Instead of one DUKE, each player takes two DUKES. Deal cards separately to each DUKE and set up separate ARMY and CITADEL for each.
  • Players may not trade or share cards between their two DUKES.
  • Whichever player wins the roll to go first begins with the DUKE on his left.
  • Play the DUKE's turn as per usual.
  • Once the DUKE's turn is finished, player draws a card for the DUKE on his right.
  • Play continues counterclockwise.
  • For purposes of ganging up for attack or defense, players may only assist one of their DUKES with the other.
  • Players may however use one of their DUKES to attack the other one of their DUKES.
  • (Three-person variant:) The player who loses both his DUKES first is out of the game.
  • (If down to 2 players, or playing with only 2 players:) If one player loses both his DUKES, and the other still has two, the player with two DUKES must pass one of them to the other player. (The player with the two DUKES decides which to give up.)
  • Last DUKE standing wins!

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