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These winged cephalopods were created as part of a breakfast cereal promotion for Spewy-O's, a product known for its improbable colors, its highly variable ingredient list, and its extraordinarily aggressive marketing campaigns. No one is certain exactly why the makers of Spewy-O's thought that a flying octopus would be a suitable mascot for a cereal which dissolves into stringy sludge in milk and which is no more aerodynamic than a cow. I mean, the only way that Spewy-O's will stay in the air is if you spit them on the ceiling and they stick there.

The disconnect between the Spewy-O marketing wizardry department and reality is deep and sincere, however. These wizards churned out flock after flock of Octobats with no strategy at all, releasing the confused creatures into the wild haphazardly. Some Octobats were sent off with a little suitcase filled with Spewy-O's, either to rain down from the sky at random intervals or perhaps as a means of self-defense. But most Octobats were just set free, with nothing to suggest any connection with Spewy-O's whatsoever. It was a really random and really strange time around the Spewy-O factory.

Octobats are reasonably pleasant and polite. They like roosting in clock towers and the hats of very tall people.

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