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The Book of
Mo Darkness

Mo Darkness was a wizard given the unenviable job of writing a comprehensive guide to all the minions and enemies in the Overlord's empire. He was given a year and a day to produce a compendium which was "comprehensive, accurate, and doesn't make anyone important look bad." Faced with an impossible task, Mo spent a year drinking heavily before staying up all night on the last day to write it in one go. Fortunately, the Overlord was pushed into a volcano before he read Mo's manuscript.

The Book may not be as accurate as one might want, but anyone wishing to do a better job is welcome to spend a year in the towers of Mount Krullmore smelling the sulfurous emissions and thinking of something better to say.

Mo's work, wildly apocryphal though it may be, is nonetheless the best "who's who" of the Overlord's empire and the Dukes have strongly encouraged him to publish his work. (That is, they threatened him with dark sorcerous violence if he didn't.)

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The Overlord

  • The Big Guy Himself
  • His Skull
  • His Sword
  • His Crown


  • Eekrah the Nasty
  • Grundar the Spiteful
  • Gurth the Odious
  • Ithrok the Unseen
  • Kamu the Mighty
  • Losik the Ruthless


  • Brain Stormer
  • Champion of Evil
  • Dastardly Demon
  • Eerie Elemental (Earth)
  • Eerie Elemental (Fire)
  • Grim Leapers
  • Horrible Monster (Green)
  • Horrible Monster (Hairy)
  • Hungry Hungry Harpy
  • Killer Wolf Frogs
  • Knights of Darkness
  • Legion of Doom
  • Lickspittle
  • Machine-O-Death (Axes)
  • Machine-O-Death (Cauldron)
  • Machine-O-Death (Wheel)
  • Menacing Horde
  • Mighty Sorcerer
  • Octobats
  • Riff-Raff
  • Serial Killer Bees
  • Thunder Newts
  • Toady
  • Troops of Terror
  • Wicked Witch
  • Wicked Wizard (Pointy Hat)
  • Wicked Wizard (Turban)


  • Adventuring Band
  • Angry Mob of Justice
  • Cavalry of Caring
  • Friendly Friars
  • Frolicking Forest Force
  • Good Witch of the North
  • Legion of Light
  • Militia of Merit
  • Mister Nice Guy
  • Small Children

    Mo Darkness hard at work
    Mo Darkness, hard at work.

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