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Champion of Evil

Champion of Evil

Before this nameless, hulking warrior claimed the title Champion of Evil, he first seized the titles of Champion of Jousting, Swordplay, Axe-catching (Flaming and Regular), Armed Combat, Unarmed Combat, Darts, Chess, Drinking, Arm-Wrestling, Thumb-Wrestling, The Dozens, Cornhole, Mathlympics, Mah-jongg, and Baking, winning the latter with a particularly devilish Devil's Food Cake that damned three unlucky audience members to perdition before being declared "fiendishly rich and fudgy." The overachieving Champion has a locker overflowing with medals, a second locker overflowing with trophies, and a third overflowing with fan mail and recipes.

The Champion is fond of boasting and often spends a great deal of time telling his opponents how doomed they are. He is in fact Champion of the Evil Villain Monologue, and sometimes spends so long describing the hopelessness of his enemy's position that they just give up or expire from malnutrition. After defeating a foe, the Champion will often toss a “Certificate of Participation” (bearing a smiley face saying "Good try!") on his victim's bleeding body with an evil chuckle. (He is also Champion of Chuckling.)

There are rumors that the Champion is actually an escaped pet hamster who worked “really hard” on his core and cardio. Perhaps some day, someone will beat him at Mah-jongg or Cornhole and find out.

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